Why Organic?

Organic food is delicious, nutritious and better for you and the environment. It is how nature (and our great-grandparents!) intended for us to eat – it is grown without chemicals, fertilisers, antibiotics or pesticides. And most importantly, organic just tastes better!

Why does organic food taste better?
Organic food tastes so much better because the soil is nutrient rich and the seeds are not genetically modified. They are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants from root to tip, so you don’t have to throw away those nutritious peels. Not only is organic more delicious, but since the food is much lower in chemical residue, it helps in disease prevention especially cancer.

Why is organic food better for the environment?
Organic farming is a holistic process that promotes biodiversity and maintains soil fertility. This is better for the environment as there are no pesticides being washed away into our rivers, polluting water and endangering species.

Why is organic food sometimes more expensive?
Organic food is premium priced because in the absence of chemicals and synthetic pesticides, farmers lose more crops to pests. They also conduct crop rotation to maintain soil fertility, during which time they are unable to grow profitable crops.

Will eating organic prevent me (and my family, especially my children) from developing a strong immune system?
It is a common misconception that eating organic food will weaken one's immunity. While people (adults and children alike) need to be exposed to common natural pathogens like bacteria and viruses to build immunity against it, pesticides and other unnatural man-made chemicals only cause damage to organs. So the less exposure we have to the latter, the better. Eating organic will serve to build and maintain a clean and healthy body from the inside out.