Siddharth Moola

If you frequent Bangalore Club, you wouldn’t (read shouldn’t) miss Siddharth Moola. Be it at the pool or gym,

Siddu as he is known, stands apart. He has a way of making everything look easy. With his calm and gentle aura, this gentleman works out like a beast. He sat down to tell us his journey…

“I suffered from asthma right through my childhood. In the initial years I was hospitalized very often. Then I was given a medicine, which I didn’t know at the time contained cortisone. It gave me a lot of relief but I weighed over 100 kg. Although I loved sport, I was never serious about it because of my weight. I didn’t swim because I was conscious of my body. By the time I reached college, my asthma had gone and I had started to lose weight by playing sport.

Upon finishing my studies and returning from the US, I gained weight again. But this time it was due to bad eating habits. I always ate in front of the TV, it’s a terrible thing to do. Once I got married, my wife insisted that we ate at the table. She was the one who asked me to start going to the gym. It took me about 6 months to get into a routine and then it became a part of my life. Now I workout 6 days a week and I cannot do without it. I’m in a terrible mood if I skip even a day.

Now I’m fairly fit. A lot changed for me after I hit 40 and my workouts have had to be altered as well. I found that I was losing too much muscle through running. So now I skip and I’ve learnt variations on the internet. I skip quite well! Then I do body weight exercises for the whole body as I don’t believe in isolating. I swim on alternate days and I do all the strokes. It’s something I really enjoy.

Until I turned 40, I felt like I could eat anything. But 40 is like a magical number. You can’t just eat a pizza anymore. It takes such a long time to work that off. I love biryani, but if I eat more than a fistful I feel sick and unhealthy. My daily routine includes a cup of tea, lots of water and an orange in the morning. During my workout I drink ½ litre of coconut water and a litre of water. Breakfast is 2 boiled eggs, toast, a glass of milk, almonds, raisins and coffee. I eat a lot of fruit mid-morning. Lunch is 2 chapatis, chicken, vegetables, dal and curds. Dinner is usually 2 pieces of chicken with vegetables. I don’t eat carbs at dinner.

I like to drink once a week and even after just 3 drinks I get a hangover the next day. So that’s the day I don’t workout! I feel so horrible

I drink occasionally. I go out , I always get a hangover and I feel so horrible the next morning. Even with 3 drinks I get a hangover, so it keeps me motivated to go workout. 

Ive seen people who work long hours and long commutes. But I understand that when youre tired you cannot exercise at a high intensity. When you exercise your mind has to be free. If youre preoccupied or stressed, you might lose a few kilos but you see some junk food, you will just grab it. I have the time to stick to a schedule. Food is 80% of the battle. So they have to be careful.

I want to be like my uncle, who is 84 and still swimming. I keep changing my workout. Ive lowered the intensity, that’s why I switched to skipping. I love swimming. It also helps that I know all the strokes, I do the butterfly. I don’t lift weights. I would like to keep doing this. It works for me. I don’t like running more than 20 minutes, I wouldn’t run a marathon. Im not into any competition.

When I gained weight for the second time, it took me a year to lose weight. I worked out for 2 hours a day. I controlled what I ate. But those bad eating habits never left me. Even today when I go out on holiday I can eat a lot. Its so tough.

Fitness is relatve. What I do, I do well. Any exercise you do it depends on how well you do it. I see people in the gym for 3 hours. There is absolutely no point. Its how you do it, you need to know which body parts need to work, and do it well. Ive learnt from youtube videos. It helped a lot going to different gyms in between, so I have picked up a lot over the years. I keep my routine interesting, something that you think will make a difference, you need to understand your body. I like to look good, feel good, aesthetically look good. Your body gets used to routine. You need to keep changing it. Body weight exercises are great, even doing one more is so hard.

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I see people working out in the gym for three hours. There’s absolutely no point in doing that. You need to learn the correct form and do each exercise well. Whatever I do, I do it well. I keep my routine interesting. I like to look good and I like to feel good. I’m not looking to compete or run a marathon.


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