Families that eat together

Fun conversations, deep discussions, important decisions.

There is something about eating together as a family that makes it really special. Yet, we find it increasingly difficult to slot it into our busy schedules. Even children these days have busy after-school schedules with their activities and school work. Here are some of the reasons why we believe that families must make the effort to eat at least one meal together:

1: Communication
It is a great time to discuss each other’s day, laugh, tell stories and just relax. And what better way to do it, than with food! It fosters a sense of belonging, warmth and love.

2: Etiquette
Wash your hands! Fork in your left hand! Knife in your right! Instructing kids in a social setting is way too stressful. It is much easier to demonstrate table etiquette at home as the mood is light and relaxed.

3: Broaden their Horizons
Wouldn’t we love it if our kids ate what we ate? You can introduce new fruits and vegetables, or foods from different cultures. Through conversation, you can make it a fun learning experience for them.

4: Nourishment
There is so much thought that goes into planning meals to ensure they are balanced, nutritious, delicious and most importantly, satisfies everyone’s preferences! Talking to your family about them, getting them involved, trying new recipes suggested by them are ways to inculcate healthy eating habits.

5: Unplug
No phones, no iPads, no TV! Not just for kids, but adults too! Time away from the devices is healthy and it is the perfect opportunity to give children and teens your undivided attention.

Eating together is always a good way to spend time with family. And it’s true that food tastes better when it is shared with loved ones!


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